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    Join us in the realization of the Challenge Camerounais Marburg 2020.

    Our Vision:

    The formula of the “Private Supporter”, first implemented at the Munich edition in 2008, has since established itself as part of the Challenge Camerounais. The aim of this campaign is to make entrance fees appropriate to all levels of society among the challengers, according to the principle that some donate the entrance fees for, for example, to subdivize the younger and students.

    At this 28th edition of the Challenge Camerounais, Marbourg would like to go a little further and ensure an improved comfort of the donors of the Challenge Camerounais. We special pay attention to the redesign of their care. In addition to the traditional, well-known service and donation receipt that you can use for your tax purposes, our thanks will be further enhanced by the introduction of

    • VIP reserved and guaranteed parking,
    • The singularity of donation packages,

    While it is true that the principle of donation does not necessarily imply a return, it is also a matter of honor to say thank you and treat the benefactors of the Challenge Camerounais appropriately. Especially when they give others the opportunity to come together with the Challenge Camerounais community.

    Our Goal:

    By helping to raise the level of the Challenge Camerounais, you actively support the project, showing generosity and a sense of responsibility. Let us together raise the bar for the ambitions of a Cameroonian Diaspora, aware of its strength and aura.

    If you are interested in helping The Challenge Camerounais e.V., please contact us at for further information

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