Interview with Mr Pascal Adjeapon

meilleur jouer2013Interview with Mr Pascal Adjeapon

His start at last year’s Challenage could not have been more impressive. At his first participation at the Challenge, the 22 years old Pascal Adjeapon from Bremen won the title with his team and was crowned best player of the tournament. In this interview, he talks to us about how he felt then and what his plans for this year’s competition are.

Hello Mr Adjeapon.

Adjeapon: Hello my brother, what’s up?

I’m fine, thanks. And you ?

Adjeapon: Ah, I’m hanging in there, as usual.

Mr Adjeapon, you were crowned best football player at last year’s tournament but still very few people know about you. How ist hat possible?

Adjeapon: (smiles) Oh man… First of all Michel-Ange, I would prefer if we were less formal to each other We have know each other for so long that it feels a little bit weird.

Back to the topic. You will not believe me but I knew nothing about this until a short while ago. I heard about it fort he first time when you contacted me for this interview.

The motto of this year’s event is „open to the world“. You have German and Ghanaian roots and on top oft hat, you play for a Cameroonian team. How did you perform this feat?

Adjeapon: This is thanks to my former teammate with whom I played in my time at Rotenburg. He asked me if I felt like playing at the tournament and dragged me tot he training sessions. Ich could impress the trainer there and was selected into the team.

How easy was it for you to get used to this environment?

Adjeapon: In the beginning, I had concerns because of the language barrier. To my surprise, it was pretty easy to settle in. I was very well received. The teammates were welcoming, open and were quick to make me feel that I was one of them. Also, my French is improving with every second that I spend with the team. Very soon, nobody will be able to tell that I am a „foreigner“ apart from my slightly lighter skin (laughs).

It is not only going well with the language, you also go by the name Atangana among your teammates. What is the story behind this nickname?

Adjeapon: That is a question to which I really don’t have an answer. I was only told the meaning of the name. Supposedly, it is for people who live in the village, have a lot of money and alcohol  or something like that. Is that correct?

I don’t know. I don’t speak that language. But as far as I know, you don’t live in a village and I know, at least from our time playing together, that you are a moderate drinker, if at all or has that changed?

Adjeapon: No, no, everything is still the same and if I had become a millionaire, you would definitely have gotten wind of that. But the name is a sing to me that I am welcome and I bear it with pride.

What does it mean to you to win the highest individual prize as a person of non-Cameroonian origin?

Adjeapon: Now that I know, it is a great honour. To be crowned best player is already difficult enough. To do this as a „foriegner“ speaks for the cosmopolitanism of the Cameroonian people. In my opinion, you have been living by the motto „open to the world“ all along.

The Bremen team is starting again as a favourite. How good do you think their chances are?

Adjeapon: It will be tougher this year. Everybody will be watchcing us. We are the measuring rod this year for the other teams. Others will be more motivated and aggressive when playing against us. But we are looking at ourselves and working hard. I am positive that we will achieve a good result.

What is your personal ambition for this tournament?

Adjeapon: For me, the fun, the being to gether andd the atmosphere are paramount. Therefore, I hope that fairplay will not be disregarded among all the engagement and motivation. I will play the football I am known to play and if it results in a trophy, I will definitely not refuse it.

One word to describe Challenge Camerounais…

Adjeapon: Overwehlming