We are an Cameroonian non-profit organization that supports charitable causes and cultural aspects in Germany.

The regional associations, in particular, are united under the English-French Challenge Camerounais. “Challenge” started in Bielefeld in 1991 with a football tournament that has been held annually ever since, at a different location each year. These matches are on their way to becoming the major sport and cultural event of the Cameroonian diaspora. The common interest in football plays an important role in integrating Cameroonians within the diaspora community. Some 3,000 Cameroonians attended the last match in Münster in June 2019, and record numbers are expected for the next one, in 2020 in Marburg. Also as part of “Challenge” activities, a Cameroon business forum was established in 2005 to foster contacts within the business community, and this has been an integral part of the programme ever since. A further development by the association is the formation of a business network to coordinate business activities and a Cameroonian diaspora network to link Cameroonian associations that are currently in the formation process. The aim of all of these networks is to support and shape development policy and/or private sector cooperation.

Our Mission

  • – Promote the homeland of the Cameroon abroad, especially in Germany
  • – Represent the cultural diversity of Cameroon abroad
  • – Strengthen the sense of home and the patriotic spirit of Cameroonians living in Germany
  • – Promote the integration of Cameroonians living in Germany and international understanding
  • – Promote the economic, scientific and cultural aspects between Germans and Cameroonians

Our Vision

The Challenge Camerounais e.V. is a registered association based in Hamburg and is usually abbreviated to “CC e.V.”. Our association is political and religiously neutral. He resolutely opposes racist and xenophobic aspirations. Members of the association are also registered as Cameroonian associations in Germany.

Working in partnership with public, other non-profit organizations and private stakeholders, in particular extension advisory services, to lighten the cameroonian cultural through sport, cultural, social and event activities in Germany

Our Values

  • Equality
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
  • Partnerships
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Learning

Our association has been present for over 25 years in every part of Germany.

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What We Do

With a great pleasure and enthusiasm, we encourage not only Cameroonians but people from all over the world to spend the Pentecost weekend in Germany and welcome you to a great time together at our Event.

From Cameroon to Germany

The central African country of Cameroon, which is also nicknamed ‘Africa in miniature’ for its ethnic and geographic diversity, has approx. 23 million inhabitants. Its population is composed of around 250 ethnic groups who speak languages from 24 language groups, which puts the country’s ethnic diversity far above the sub-Saharan average. Around 40% of the population each ad here to Christianity and indigenous religions while Muslims account for around 20%. This ethnic diversity characterises the country’s history. It is described as a challenge, on the one hand, because policy-makers need to take local identities and interests into consideration and there is no panCameroonian sentiment or united opposition.

Cameroon is both a migration destination – primarily for people from neighbouring countries and a source of emigration, particularly to Europe and primarily France. There is also a dynamic internal migration flow from rural to urban areas. In 2007, the number of Cameroonians living outside the country was estimated at a good 170,000, almost 40,000 of whom were living in France (DRC according toIOM 2009). It is primarily highly qualified people who leave the country.